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EdTech Startups, helping bridge student knowledge gaps.

During the past year, the use of Tutors has increased, mainly to help students catch up following the home-schooling period, which many parents found a challenge, juggling the parental and professional responsibilities.

With the students back at school, online tutoring is beneficial to those who have missed something in class, have been too shy to put their hand up, and have never grasped a particular concept.

These online tutors allow for a one-to-one conversation, enabling the tutor to tailor the teaching style to the child, giving them the chance to learn at their own pace, asking all the questions they want so that they 'get it'. 

During the pandemic lockdown, online school lessons were successfully run, so there is now an acceptance and some preference to online tutoring. There have been virtual Tutoring services out there for several years, but because of the way we are now living, they are becoming more in demand and have been able to scale up their operations.

Two EdTech Startups leading the field of online tutoring are MyTutor and GoStudent. Both have an impressive library of tutors available and have received substantial investment.


GoStudent, founded in 2016, is a venture-backed, ed-tech platform disrupting the tutoring market and bridging the knowledge gaps of young students.
+€291M raised from national and international investors such as Coatue, DN Capital, Left Lane Capital, Speedinvest, DST Global, SoftBank, Tencent and Dragoneer.
GoStudent employs +700 individuals in 12 international offices and has a presence in +20 markets. This investment is enabling GoStudent to expand its online tutoring service across Europe and aim further afield.
GoStudent is revolutionizing the way tutoring works. The platform uses an AI-based diagnosis test to identify the actual need of students and identifies the ideal tutor. The One-On-One Tutoring Session delivers a unique learning experience with the best tutor. This is the first truly scalable online tutoring platform.

Our vision is to unlock the full potential of every student. We build the no.1 global school by connecting students with the ideal teacher using products that are perfectly tailored to the fast-paced & mobile lifestyle of today's students.



, founded in 2013, is the UK's leading online platform for one-to-one learning. They provide stress-free access to high-quality education for those who can afford it and funding for those who can't. 
One-to-one tuition is one of the most powerful ways to improve pupils' grades, confidence and life chances. Yet, it remains out of reach for many. Their handpicked community of tutors work online with students from all walks of life, raising results on average by one whole grade.
Since Covid-19 disrupted education, they have worked with the government to provide safe and reliable tuition to more students than ever. 
They are working with over 650 schools across the UK, with their tutors having given over a million lessons.

How do online lessons work?
We have our own online lesson space with video chat, messaging, and an interactive whiteboard - this makes it easy for students and tutors to talk to each other, discuss tricky concepts and do practice questions together. With the live video chat, they can have a natural back-and-forth conversation - just like on FaceTime, Whatsapp, and other apps teens use all the time. MyTutor


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