Startups: Use VenCat's ProfileBuilder to grab the attention of potential investors.

Typically, a Startup looking for investment in their business will create a PowerPoint presentation that may be up to 100 slides describing their business and showing how they are about to make a fortune!
More often than not, this presentation omits some vital information (e.g., cash revenues and expenditure) that the investor needs to make their judgement. 

VenCat can be used to create a One-page business profile using the ProfileBuilder and a Multi-paged Business Plan, which are two essential tools that Startups can use to present accurate figures on a company to any Angel Investor. 


The ProfileBuilder assists Startups by asking all the questions an Investor will want to know the answers to, so Startup founders can have confidence they will be presenting all the information required.

Angel Investors need to see good accurate figures before investing. Those investors registered with VenCat can gain access to these figures by looking at the results of the ProfileBuilder in the One-page business profile, the Business Plan and Private Data of each Startup of interest in the VenCat app. This information enables Angel Investors to quickly and easily judge whether a Startup is worth investigating further.

If required, Experts can be viewed and contacted via VenCat, to request advise and assistance*. These Experts are typically professionals that can help Startups collate the data requested by the ProfileBuilder.

 *Experts are paid for their services directly and not via VenCat.

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