Two sweet startups reducing some of the food industry's environmental impact.

Even Sweet snacks can harm our environment. From the packaging to the ingredients used. 
Take chewing gum, for example. Did you know that there can be as much plastic in one piece of standard gum as in one plastic straw?!
More and more sweet producers are changing their packaging for wrapping and shipping into more eco-friendly products.
However, below are two Startups that are creating products that are more environmentally friendly from within.


Goüter was founded in the UK, by two friends and food waste activists. 
Members of the upcycled food association, they are helping reduce food industry waste by using locally sourced bread, which would otherwise be wasted, as a main ingredient in their chocolate products.

Simple, tasty, environmentally friendly chocolate.

We want to create a world where the imperfect snack is accepted. We’ve created a high quality, tasty and nutritious snack to prove that the best chocolate doesn’t have to look perfect, and the tastiest snack can contain reused food. High quality, low environmental impact! 

Goüter are crowdfunding to gather the funds that they need to launch.
They have now completed their kickstarter campaign, and are currently producing small batches of chocolate and nut clusters made from bread that would otherwise be discarded. These will soon be available via their website.

Join the project here


Nuud, create plant-based chewing gum. Regular chewing gums contain synthetic plastics; however, Nuud use only plant-based ingredients to make their chewing gum.

They have gone back to how gum was originally made, using a sustainably harvested sap (Chicle) from the Sapodilla tree as a gum base.  
Nuud get Chicle from trees in the Maya Forest in Mexico. It's a sustainable resource, with it naturally renewing after being tapped. The traditional process creates livelihoods for the local communities, providing a regular income, whilst preserving the Maya Forest.

Sugar-free, vegan, biodegradable, with sustainable ingredients, what's not to love?

They have recently raised £750K investment and are currently stocked in Co-Op, Morrisons, and Waitrose & Partners.

Purchase Nuud Gum here