VenCat - who we are, what we do.


VenCat is short for Venture Catalyst, a revolutionary service that makes the investment process easier, more transparent, and faster.
Here’s how we do it:

  • VenCat helps Startup Businesses to answer, in advance, the questions that Angel Investors always ask.
  • VenCat offers Angel Investors data that is sanity-checked, investor relevant, standardised, and searchable.
  • Startup Businesses can build up a track record and their followers receive notifications of important events and milestones reached.
  • Experts are available to provide payable support to Startup Businesses and Angel Investors on specific issues such as legal, market research, IT due diligence, etc.
  • All data is easily accessed via the VenCat smartphone App!


Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs start businesses each year which at some point will require external funding. Getting into contact with investors is challenging. Pitched concepts are only one amongst the many ways. One has to get noticed, at events, investor meetings etc.

Through VenCat, new firms are discoverable 24/7.

On their part, Angel Investors are confronted with a massive number of possible invest-able concepts. Their challenge is to select viable businesses – let alone ‘winners’ or ‘unicorns’. It involves attending events, hearing pitches, and plowing through tons of pdf ‘decks’ – which are all different and rarely answer all the essential questions.

Through VenCat, investors can screen, compare, follow, and contact new ventures at their convenience.

Both Startup Businesses and Angel Investors benefit from expert advice in different fields, at different points in the cycle.

Through VenCat, Experts are available to provide a flexible, payable service.


  • Startup Businesses submit Reference Data using VenCat’s ProfileBuilder module.
  • After completion, the business will be ‘discoverable’ by investors who, anonymously, view Public Data and upon request, and submission of a profile, Private Data.
  • At each stage, the Startup Business has full control over the data it wishes to share.
  • Angel Investors can decline, ask for more information, request to become a follower and/or contact the company.
  • VenCat is not involved in any negotiations between Angel Investors and Startup Businesses and does NOT receive any commissions on investments made.
  • Experts negotiate terms of service directly. VenCat does not receive any commissions on contracts.